Waterfalls and a Rocking good time...

A.K.A. Off the beaten track when there's an actual beaten track to get off.
Detail shot of Kureelpa Falls.
The last few weeks has brought us strong off-shore winds making the open beaches a horrible place to attempt to take any sort of photos (except stormy, crashing waves and sea mist shots), So I've found myself heading inland to the Hinterland and it's many waterfalls. Some easy to get to, others not so much.

Wappa Falls in Yandina was flowing nicely with the recent rain over-flowing the dam above the falls. Waiting became the thing to do as these falls are easily accessible so people pop up into frame quite often. Not too sure I'd let my dogs swim above the falls like that woman was, but they were having fun.

Gardeners Falls just outside of Maleny is another fun and easy to access waterway. Keep an eye out for Kingfishers darting into the Obi Creek. Just one word of warning. Don't use the Drop Toilet!!! That smell lingers for hours after.

Kureelpa Falls. Follow the road to the end and then go for a walk. The path leads to a creek crossing, hang a right and follow the little track until it runs out. Then just bush bash until you come out along side the falls. Rock hop until you can no longer rock hop. When its in flood, these falls will be amazing. As it was, I didn't have much water flowing, but it still provided me with some interesting water flows.

Next Falls to visit, Baxter Falls.