Happy New Year!

Triple Threat- found in the Sunshine Coast Gallery
Welcome all! Hope you've all had an eventful Christmas and New Year, surrounded with loved ones and interesting things to see and do.

Holidays are already being planned here, the map is out and destinations have been scouted. All going well, some of these trips will come to be. The first trip planned (once the school holidays have finished) is a trip up North Shore to Double Island Point for some dune and lighthouse photos. Hopefully also some Brahminy Kite sightings along the beach. Stay tuned for images!

I've just added a few more photos to the site including my favourite lightning photos that were captured during some of the powerful storms that hit the coast at the end of last year. I'm hoping for a few more storms so I can truly try out my new toy- a Lightning trigger. I've only used it once to see how it performed. Not too badly, if I say so myself. I still prefer to do it the old way, 'B' setting and a shutter release cable but I'm willing to give it a go.

So, enjoy the Summer (and winter to any reading this from the Northern Hemisphere), don't get sunburnt and remember to drop me a line, here or at the markets. Also remember to follow the link to my Facebook page.

See you later! Mia.